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Career Overview

Mr Grand founded the Inner Circle of Advocates in 1972, which is limited to 100 US Lawyers who have completed at least 50 personal injury jury trials and have at least 3 jury verdicts in excess of $1 million for compensatory damages.

On 100 plus occasions Mr Grand has obtained either a verdict or settlement in excess of $1 million. Mr Grand is a member of the International Society of Paraplegia and the British Academy of Forensic Sciences (Legal Section). Richard Grand is listed in Best Lawyers in America, Who's Who in American Law, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World. He has published on the subjects of case management and the presentation of traumatic injury. Richard Grand is a member of the State of Arizona Bar and the State of California Bar. Richard Grand is a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation, Board of Legal Specialisation of the State Bar of Arizona.

Richard Grand is the Honorary President of the Richard Grand Society. He is a 1958 graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law, he began his practice as a Deputy County Attorney in 1958. He has been in private practice since 1959 and his practice is limited to representing plaintiffs.

Give Good Weight - The Words & Actions of Richard Grand

Among lawyers, competition is always brisk-in many categories. They keep track of verdicts, rulings and deals closed. But in proverb creation (non-professor category), Arizona's own Richard Grand may take the prize.This self-described product of the American dream collects and wields words like the powerful little projectiles they are. Hearing him speak is to get a glimpse of the specter that has greeted juries for decades. And those juries often have been impressed. For example, it was in 1972 that Grand says he won his client the first million-dollar verdict in the state-$1.1 million, to be exact. And a year later, he landed $3.5 million for a single injury, the biggest such verdict in the United States at the time. More than 100 times, he says, he has obtained either a verdict or settlement higher than $1 million. Verdicts are one way to keep score, but when Grand speaks frankly about his accomplishments, he ventures far beyond dollar signs. He might even call it The Story That Couldn't Happen Today. Why is that? He's glad you asked. Click here to read the full story [PDF 229Kb].

Grand Success

Read article By Jacqueline Kuder, Inside Tucson Business

Richard Grand would be considered a successful man by almost any measure. A prominent lawyer in Tucson since 1985, the 76-year-old isn't ready to giveup his practice specializing in personal injury and wrongful death.

Despite being one of the most successful lawyers in the U.S., let aloneArizona, Grand says his greatest success in life has been a personal one.

"I've been married 54 years, that's my prize accomplishment," he says. Grand and his wife, Marcia, were married in 1952, the year after Grand moved to Tucson because of his asthma.

Among Grand's professional achievements, he has obtained more than 100 verdicts or settlements each in excess of $1 million for clients and received the largest verdict in the U.S. for a single injury - $3.5 million in 1972.

Born in 1930, Grand attended New York University for his undergraduatedegree, and then pursued law at the University of Arizona, where hegraduated from in 1958. He is a member of the State of Arizona Bar and theState of California Bar, and was awarded the University of Arizona Professional Achievement Award in 2002 by former university president Peter Likins.

"I really wasn't smart enough to become a doctor,"Grand says of his decision to pursue law. "I would've been a neurologist, but this was my second choice."

But he says he has no regrets about choosing law as his career. His work hasbeen recognized worldwide through the founding of two organizations: TheRichard Grand Society in England and the Inner Circle in the U.S.

The Richard Grand Society was founded in 1997 and membership is limited to 50 plus the honorary president, who is, not surprisingly, Grand.

In 1972, Grand founded his own society, the Inner Circle of Advocates, wheremembership is limited to 100 lawyers in the U.S. who have successfully triedat least 50 personal-injury cases, and gained at least one $1 millionverdict in a personal-injury or wrongful-death case.

"Sure, I ended up being the best in the U.S., it's what I do," Grand says ofhis success. "What we do (as lawyers), you can measure it. In each case, somebody wins and somebody loses."

In 2000, Grand created a legal-writing competition at his alma mater, and ithas been running continuously since, emphasizing the importance Grand placesupon good writing in the legal field. The prizes for the competition range from $250 for fifth place to $2,000 for first.

At the UA's James E. Rogers College of Law, Grand also created anothercompetition for soon-to-be lawyers to hone their argument skills. The Richard Grand Argument Damages Competition is an oral argument competitionwhere students present mock closing arguments to have damages awarded totheir fictional client. Finalists are awarded from $250 to $2000 for firstplace. This year marks the 11th anniversary of the annual event.

Grand says despite his long career, he still enjoys what he does very much.

"I still enjoy it because I was brought up during the Depression, we were taught to work and expected to work," he says. "I don't play golf and I don't play tennis."

Grand says that although he has had an illustrious career and has been very successful, he doesn't advise others to work quite as hard as he did, because he hasn't always taken the time to learn to enjoy himself.

"It was a mistake," he says. "People shouldn't work as hard as I did, it's just not good for you."

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Richard Grand has an online blog which is available to view at the following link: Richard Grand's blog


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